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International Programs

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Incoming Exchange Students

Incoming Exchange Students

Keimyung University has an internationally rich and diverse student body of approximately 1,300 international students with a variety of nationalities.
this page is for the students thinking of studying at Keimyung University as part of a formal exchange agreement with their home universities and contains information and links that you need to read in preparation for your study at Keimyung.
If you have further questions that are not answered on this site, you can send an email to
Incoming Exchange Students
  • Application Process

    How to Apply?

    • 1. Nomination by Home Univeresity
    • 2. Completion of Online Application
    • 3. Receive Admission Package and Get a Student Visa(D-2)
    • 4. Course Registration
    • 5. Submission of Health Insurance
    Nomination by Home University

    the application process begins by contacting the International Office of your home university to ask about an exchange possibility to Keimyung University. the International Office of your home university will have all the details about whether an exchange contract has been established betweem your home university and Keimyung. Also they will help you to how to apply for the program.
    Note: All exchange students should be nominated by the International Office of their home universities.

    • Nomination Deadlines
      • Middle of October (for Spring semester beginning on March 2)
      • Middle of April (for fall semester beginning on September 1)
        ※ the above schedules are subject to change per semester.
    Completion of Online Application

    Once you are nominated by your home university, you have to complete the online application submitting required documents on our online application system. the application process will be informed by email.

    • Application Deadlines
      • Middle of November (for spring semester beginning on March 2)
      • Middle of April (for fall semester beginning on September 1)
        ※ the above schedules are subject to change per semester.
    • Course Registration
      • After the application is completed, our office will send you the course list and an course enrollment request form by email. You have to submit a completed form during the designated period for course registration.
        You can also find a list of courses here.
    Receive Admission Package and Get a Student Visa(D-2)

    Keimyung reviews the application & submitted documentation, and send an admission package for finally selected students directly to the exchange program coordinator of the home universities, who will forward it to their students. the package will include Certificate of Admission, Certificate of Business Registration and others for obtaining a student visa.
    Note: It is the student's responsibility to find out the immigration requirements and to process the necessary documents for travel to Korea. Students can find this information by getting in touch with the Korean Embassy / Consulate nearest to them.

    Submission of Health Insurance

    Exchange students should submit their health insurance certificates to our office by email during the designated period prior to their arrival. the insurance must cover all costs relate to treatment of illnesses, injury and death caused by accidents, and/or disasters during their stay in Korea. the proof of insurance should include student’s name and coverage in English. the submission period will be informed by email after they receive acceptance letter.

  • Course Information

    Researching Course Offerings

    To research course offerings, please view the schedule of classes. the course list will be provided during the semester prior to your arrival.

  • Important KMU Dates

    2017 Fall Semester

    2017 Fall Semester
    August 30 (Wed) Dormitory opens
    September 1 (Fri) Semester begins (*Orientation Day) & Welcome Party
    September 4-6 (Mon-Wed) Course Drop/Add Period
    September 16 (Sat) Field trip (TBD)
    October 2 (Mon) *Temporary Holiday (No class day)
    October 3-6 (Tue-Fri) Chuseok Holidays (*National Holidays)
    October 9 (Mon) Hangeul Day (*National Holiday)
    December 18-22 (Mon-Fri) Final Examination Period
    December 23 (Sat) Dormitory closes
    December 25 (Mon) Christmas
    December 26 (Tue) Winter vacation starts

    Important Dates for 2017 Fall Semester

    2017 Fall Semester
    Application Deadline May 15 (Mon), 2017
    Semester Period Sept. 1 (Fri) - Dec. 22 (Fri), 2017
    Final Exam Period Dec. 18 (Mon) - Dec. 22 (Fri), 2017
    Winter Vacation Dec. 26 (Tue), 2017 – March 1 (Thu), 2018
  • Housing
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  • Tel580-6028

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