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Greetings from the President

Synn Ilhi

Dear Keimyung Family,

  It is a great pleasure to wish you all a happy and healthy new academic year. The first order of the new year is to thank you all for your active participation past year in the affairs of the University in its efforts to advance the quality of education and research. I am particularly grateful that all of us became a unified instrument of resolution of all tasks we had to face. Our tradition of concerted commitment and dedicated work was ever more present and actual last year.

  Marking the 120th Anniversary of the founding of Keimyung University, we all carefully planned and successfully conducted many educational programs, scholarly undertakings and pro bono service projects. As always, we placed the highest priority on the education of our students, but at the same time we never paid any less attention to our duties of scholarly contributions and ethical responsibilities for the development of the country and the betterment of the general human condition. We also conducted many joint works with many institutions and organizations both at home and abroad. My deep sense of pride and gratitude goes to all the members of the Keimyung academic community.

  2020 is also the first year of a comprehensive, pioneering advancement of our University for the next 120 years. We must dedicate ourselves more effectively to overcome various difficulties we will have to encounter. Our immediate care concerns recruitment of good student, which will become increasingly more difficult as the population decreases rapidly. In order to continue to welcome promising students, we first have to pay special attention to the students currently registered. It is mandatory that we provide them with quality education so that they become students of greater capability to perform the task given to them and of deeper confidence in themselves with respect to their work and contribution to the development of the nation and entire humanity. We the teachers have to inculcate in them the spirit of Keimyung education and nurture their respect and love for their alma mater. Such values will become the foundation of their future.

  The education of international students, whose number will increase fast, requires our special attention. Their diverse educational and cultural backgrounds will present many new and different issues for which we will have to develop effective means to pro-act for their needs. Our curricular programs will have to be comparably resilient to accommodate the changing conditions of the techno-industrial development of the world without diminishing the nature of our own cultural heritage. We will have to emphasize the “Tri-literacy” of our curriculum, that is, the training in one’s own specific major, computer soft-ware programing, and foreign language proficiency. This should not become a hindrance to the liberal arts and humanities education of the young people under our charge in their becoming cultured human beings.

  We also need to prepare thoroughly for the third phase university accreditation appraisal and the fourth phase BK21 projects. Regarding the community-specific academia and industry cooperation, the Daegu-Gyeongbuk Social Innovation Support Center, which Keimyung University opened late last year in preparation for the years ahead, should play a pivotal role in offering theoretical grounds and specific methods for implementation projects of our region in many areas. The smart-automobile program and the medico- technological program, which the City of Daegu is planning as critical parts of the development of the region and for which we have made successful bidding, will have to be one of our major concerns in the education of our students in natural sciences and engineering.

  A new industrial age of renovation and creation is already with us. Although, unfortunately, our budgetary means are insufficient to support the new theoretical and practical endeavors, Keimyung University has a genetic constitution of inverse proportionality: the greater the difficulties given, the greater the success produced. Such genetic traits are physically manifest in the development of the present Seongseo Campus and, most recently, in the construction and opening of a large hospital with 25 stories and about 1,000 patient beds that the Dongsan Medical Center members of the University first began without having even the funds for the initial design and building plans.

  Our University Hospital family members, you have come through a torturous course of building a great hospital with newest medical equipment and thereby proven that the old proposition “ex nihilo nihil fit (nothing can come from nothing)” can be overcome with your own will and labor under the guidance and blessings of the Lord. I am certain that the entire region of Korea, not to mention Daegu and Gyeongbuk area, is amazed at and grateful to your exemplary performance in perseverance for the promotion of health of the people in Korea and abroad. Again, with the presence of the Lord at your work, you have one more difficult but unavoidable task to perform: to make the Keimyung University Dongsan Medical Center one of the very best in the country and in this part of the globe.

  My gratitude goes to our nurses as well. You have done a remarkable job of aiding the people visiting the hospital. The World Health Organization designated the Year 2020 as the Year of the Nurse, which attests to the recognition of the importance of nurses in maintaining the health of the people who need care. Your vital function is especially apparent at our new hospital. Nurses are the first persons whom the people visiting the hospital meet, the fact of which determines the visitors’ first impressions of your professionalism. I have no doubt that you will serve all visitors well so that they are fully satisfied with your dedicated service and look forward to seeing you if and when they visit the hospital again.

  The respect and gratitude of the entire Keimyung academic family goes to the Reverend Dr. Chong Soon Mo, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and to the members of the Board of Keimyung University. You have always been an unwavering pillar of support and encouragement in all affairs of the University. You have always secured for us the independence of curricular administration, academic freedom of research, and self-regulation of business management of the University. I am also very proud and grateful to President Lee Jae-Ha and the members of the Alumni Association for their perennial support of the University.

  As we endeavor to Open the Light to the World, Lord’s guiding light will shine upon us. Let us so begin the new year with gratitude, courage and conviction.

Synn Ilhi

Keimyung University

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