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Greeting from the President

Keimyung  university captin Synn Ilhi   Dear freshmen class,


  I welcome all of you to Keimyung University in this season of new beginnings. I am also delighted to see the entire Keimyung family again in good health and spirit after the long and cold winter.


  I would like to applaud all the freshmen, our new family members, for all the efforts you have made to become members of Keimyung academic family. You should be proud of your accomplishments. And I ask you not to forget to express gratitude to your family members, teachers and friends, who have always been there for you.


  Keimyung University was founded in 1899 with the establishment of Jejungwon, a humanitarian aid hospital, and, therefore, we are now celebrating our 119th anniversary this year. At the last commencement ceremony, all the freshmen shouted together “Jal gareuchineun daehak, jal baeuneun daehak, ACE daehak”, meaning Keimyung University excels both in teaching and learning. That motto clearly reflects the teaching philosophy of Keimyung’s founders and the university’s pride in the excellence of our teaching abilities.


  Dear freshmen,


  Many difficulties lie ahead of you, including very hard class work at the university and the economic recession outside. But I would like to tell you never to neglect the will to strive for the best and, perhaps more importantly, never to be afraid of failure. A failure in the process of pursuing one’s goal with a brave and pioneering spirit is something that only the young are entitled to. In addition, Keimyung offers a variety of programs to help you successfully tackle the obstacles. Keimyung’s government-sponsored projects and specialized education programs will help you pursue your dreams. Keimyung’s overseas outreach programs and other initiatives will serve as catalysts in your development as global citizens. Do not fear uncertainty and new adventures and actively participate in those programs to turn your difficulties into opportunities.


  We achieved a great deal last year. Students of the Engineering College won perhaps one of the most prestigious self-driving vehicle competitions in Korea and nearly 100% of the students of the Colleges of Medicine, Pharmacy, and Nursing passed the national qualification examinations. The students of the Department of Sino-Korean Literature Education who passed the national teacher qualification examination accounted for 30% of all the successful candidates in the field in entire Korea. Moreover, students of the College of Music and Performing Arts successfully ventured into the international arena, winning prestigious contests in music, fashion and the arts. This clearly demonstrates your unlimited potential and confirms that we are progressing in the right direction with the right sense of purpose.


  Dear students,


  I hope you will realize that every single one of you is truly one and only one in the world. No one else has your combination of capabilities. I also hope that you will each grow as a proud Keimyung member, shining out your light onto the world. I encourage you to find the value and meaning in what you do here and to dream about your future in these halls of learning. Keimyung University will do its best to support you all in your journey toward making your ideals come true and becoming leaders of the 21st century.


  Dear Keimyung family,


  In closing, I would like to extend my deepest appreciation and respect to all of you for your efforts for the betterment of the school. May God’s grace and blessings always be with you.

Synn Ilhi


Keimyung University

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