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Computer Labs

  • Computer Labs

    Numerous computer labs are strategically located through the campus and are open to all KMU students, faculty and staff. Each lab features personal computers, printers, and scanners readily available for you to use.

    • Opening Hours
      • Monday-Friday
          Computer Labs Opening Hours
          08:30 ~ 17:30 Room 1209, 2nd Floor, Engineering Hall
          Room 213, 2nd Floor, Baekeun Hall
          Room 407, 4th Floor, Social Science Hall
          Room 124, 1st Floor, Shattuck Hall
          Room 105, 1st Floor, Yeongam Hall
          Room 107, 1st Floor, Osan Hall
          Room 121, 1st Floor, Music and Performing Arts Hall
          Room 118-2, 1st Floor, Physical Education Hall
          Room 101, 1st Floor, Shattuck Hall, Daemyung Campus
          Room 211, 2nd Floor, Susan Hall, Daemyung Campus
          08:30 ~ 22:00 CRoom 103, 1st Floor, Dongcheon Hall(Graduate Schools)
          Room 228, 2nd Floor, Social Science Hall
          Room 209, 2nd Floor, Smith Hall
          Room 341, 3rd Floor, Yeongam-gwan
          Room 123/125, 1st Floor, Uiyanggwan Hall
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  • Update date 2013-03-14
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