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Bank & ATMs

  • Banks & ATMs

    With your own bank account in Korea, you can easily deposit and withdraw your money with a cash card.
    Banks in Korea are open from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., and a number of ATMs are available on campus.
    You can open a savings account and receive a cash card using your passport and student ID card at the Daegu Bank located in the Graduate Schools Building near the front gate of Sungseo Campus.

    • ATM's location

      Map of ATM location on campus

      1. 본관
        Main Administration Building
      2. 바우어관
        Bauer Hall - Student Union Building
      3. 영암관
        College of Education, College of Humanities
      4. 백은관
        College of Natural Sciences
      5. 명교생활관
        Student Dormitory
      6. 동산도서관
        Dongsan Library
      7. 의양관
        College of Business Administration
      8. 대학원
        Graduate Schools
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